Wesley Ferrell

Hi there! I’m Wes!

I am an accomplished IT and engineering professional with over 15 years of experience. I have a well-rounded background in infrastructure and management, as well as related services including networking, system/server administration, virtualization, cloud technologies, and IT help desk. I am currently looking for new opportunities. If you have a role that you think I would be a good fit for please do not hesitate to reach out. I am always looking for my next adventure!

Recent Projects
AWS Cloud Migration

At the forefront of the Blue Apron and Fresh Realm divestiture, I led the project to transfer numerous critical Blue Apron systems and services between AWS cloud environments. My role involved strategic planning, coordination, and execution, ensuring a seamless migration with minimal downtime or disruption of these live systems. I collaborated closely with both companies and cross-functional teams to plan migration windows, discuss and troubleshoot issues, as well as providing updates to key stakeholders. With this close collaboration we were able to achieve our goals within a tight timeline and without major issue. Our combined efforts resulted in significant financial gains for the company in the tens of millions.

AWS IAM Identity Center

Implement and configure AWS IAM Identity Center, a robust solution that facilitates accounting and permission management across our diverse range of AWS accounts. The Identity Center is seamlessly integrated with Okta and employs SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) for streamlined group provisioning. By assigning permissions within defined permission sets, these privileges are subsequently provisioned to all relevant accounts. One key advantage of this approach, in contrast to traditional AWS IAM, is the centralization of permission management within a single "primary" account, with automatic replication to designated "secondary" accounts. This centralized approach has yielded significant reductions in user management tasks and ticket volumes, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction, as the process of determining appropriate group or role assignments is no longer subject to guesswork.

Blue Apron 
Senior Site Reliability Engineer

  • Cloud Management – Provision, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot complex interconnected AWS cloud environments and their hosted applications. Plan and execute cross cloud migrations of applications, databases, and other resources.

  • Infrastructure Management – Own, monitor, and manage lifecycle of on premise virtual and physical servers (mostly Linux) hosted on VMware vSphere clusters through a multitude of tooling such as Ansible, Vagrant, Chef, Terraform, Docker, and other API’s. Manage and preform major version releases of underlying hypervisors as well as security patches.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring – Utilize the Prometheus suite to monitor onsite infrastructure, employing custom alerts, metrics, and metric exporters across our tech stack. These tailored components serve as triggers to promptly notify on-call resources, facilitating swift resolution of infrastructure issues and minimizing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

  • Technical Steering and Guidance – Provide guidance to C-level executives and engineering directors as a subject-matter expert in infrastructure matters. This invaluable support assists in guiding the organization towards optimal and cost-effective infrastructure solutions, while mitigating technical debt and complexity. Additionally, frequently engaged by various teams and projects as an individual contributor, offering valuable feedback and suggestions on proposed solutions.

  • Identity and Access Management – Setup, configure, and maintain IAM systems with a specific emphasis on SAML and LDAP-based authentication for internal servers and services.

  • In addition to the responsibilities of Senior System Administrator at Blue Apron...

    Blue Apron 
    Senior System Administrator

  • Infrastructure Planning & Procurement – Plan and forecast infrastructure needs and growth as the company scales. Maintain and retrofit existing systems and infrastructure to support day to day needs while new solutions are vetted and built out. Manage a budget of $500k to purchase new hardware, software, and SaaS application suites.

  • Infrastructure Management – Manage on premise and cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services and VMware vSphere. Services include internal IT tools, DNS, ticketing systems, human resource management systems, Splunk, JAMF Pro, digital asset management platforms, as well as the underlying VMware infrastructure. Chef is used for configuration management.

  • Network Administration – Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot interconnected office networks across seven locations. Setup and configure advanced networking technologies such as IPsec PTP tunnels to AWS infrastructure and RADIUS/NAP servers.

  • Client Management – Manage 2k+ end client workstations, 1.8k+ mobile devices, and 2.3k users using various directory systems and configuration management platforms such as JAMF Pro, LDAP, RADIUS, and Google Apps.

  • IT Development – Build, develop, and deploy internal tools using bash scripting, python, and ruby. Build integrations between applications and other tools using RESTful API’s.

  • SaaS & IaaS Management – Manage cloud applications and infrastructure services such as Google Apps, Box, Amazon Web Services, Jira, Confluence, JAMF Pro, and JumpCloud.

  • Mentorship – Mentor, train, and lead a team of 6 technicians. Encourage continued education and professional development. Offer career advice and guidance.

  • Technical Guidance – Advise and steer senior level leadership on technical solutions, infrastructure, and best practices to make educated business decisions.

  • Hiring and Recruiting – Responsible for interviewing and judging potential candidate’s technical competency and business acumen. Participate in round table feedback sessions and hiring strategy meetings.

  • ...

    Rackspace Hosting 
    System Engineer I

  • Server Management – Manage and maintain servers that host business critical services such as Active Directory, DHCP, hypervisors, and client imaging systems. These services are built on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X infrastructure.

  • Virtualization – Virtualize in-house tools and systems using VMware ESX server, Hyper-V, KVM, and cloud technologies. Create virtualized development environments for software development teams who required high availability and ample resources.

  • Network Administration – Monitor and troubleshoot office wired and wireless networks and VLANs. Cisco and Aruba technologies. Utilize network monitoring suites such as Zenoss, Cacti, and Nagios.
  • Mac OS X Imaging & Management – Develop OS X images that are deployed across the company which include standardized security settings and default software offerings. Develop imaging scripts and tools to satisfy the company’s growing OS X needs and security concerns. Evaluate and implement Mac OS X management solutions to make client support more efficient and secure.

  • IT Development – Create web-based tools using LAMP and IIS technologies to assist help desk personal and engineers. Experience with Bash, PowerShell, and Python in creating scripts and tools for the automation of repetitive tasks.

  • In addition to the responsibilities of IT Technician I, II, III at Rackspace Hosting...


    Rackspace Hosting 
    IT Technician I, II, III

  • Help Desk – Assist thousands of users in multiple remote office locations with various IT related requests. Experience with Spiceworks, LiveTime, and ServiceNow ticketing systems.

  • User Administration – Setup new user accounts and permissions for new employees and contractors.

  • Remote IT Support – Travel to remote offices to assess and address IT related needs and issues. This ranges from simple hardware tickets to infrastructure decommissioning and build out.

  • Process Management – Develop processes and procedures for handling various tasks and projects such as new hire on boarding, infrastructure decommissioning, inventory control practices, and user device policies.

  • Videoconferencing – Install codecs and related A/V hardware. Experience with LifeSize, Vidyo, Crestron, and Extron systems.

  • Vendor Management – Manage contracts and relationships with IT contractors and vendors.

  • Shipping and Receiving – Handle shipment and reception of IT hardware from vendors and remote offices.

  • ...

    Rackspace Hosting 
    Software Developer I

  • Web Development – Implemented the Mail Migration Tool v2.0 utilizing PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS (LAMP).
  • Skills


  • VMware Certified Associate 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCA6-DCV)
  • Apple Certified Associate - Mac Integration 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10
  • Apple Certified Associate - Management Basics 10.8, 10.9, 10.10
  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) 10.8
  • Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) 10.8
  • JAMF Certified Casper Technician (CCT)
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